Recognizing the need for high-quality, readily available housing components, Bayt Jameel is actively exploring innovative construction methods that will shorten the timeframe from concept to dream home, with a view to becoming a leading manufacturer of these components.

Our Unique Concept

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Offsite Component Manufacturing

Producing individual, energy efficient housing elements in our factory and then shipping them to building sites as needed will have an immediate impact on both the cost of the construction, and the time it takes to deliver the project.

Tailored Design Solutions

Combining pre-manufactured components with one or more of our numerous design options, creating a tailored design solutions property according to customer preference has never been easier. The results are contemporary, high quality homes for urban families and professionals.

  • Construction time saving up to 50% depending on the project
  • Reduced construction time allowing earlier ROI
  • Precast needs only 20% of traditional construction manpower
  • Lower energy & maintenance cost and better durability
  • High quality control through plant fabrication
  • Less accidents, safer than conventional system
  • Elimination of formworks & scaffolding at site
  • Energy efficient, higher fire resistance and sound control


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