Abdul Latif Jameel City

Conceived as a 10-15 year project, this semi-gated compound will transform an existing 214,000 m2 stockyard and office site in central Jeddah into an environmentally-friendly work/life development. The City will house 6,500 residents in contemporary villas and apartments, and feature leisure and recreational facilities, a state-of-the art Toyota showroom, a new Abdul Latif Jameel headquarters housing 2,500 Associates, several blocks of office rental space and an art museum.

Its innovative design and commitment to the environment, through the integration of solar and other energy-saving technologies, will set the tone for the development of the wider City. Abdul Latif Jameel’s new corporate headquarters will be designed by Aedas, an award-winning multi-disciplinary architectural practice, renowned for its expertise in planning high-density developments, and will serve as the overall project’s anchor.

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Envisaged as an urban oasis, the master plan for Abdul Latif Jameel City was developed by CallisonRTKL, one of the world’s largest architecture, planning and design firms. Drawing on its extensive regional experience, CallisonRTKL has envisaged plentiful greenery and parkland areas that will create a neighborhood that is as pleasing as it is livable.

The Numbers

214,000 m2

Community-dedicated area